My Weekly Challenge — Hiatus

HIATUS – Spring has sprung and I’m suddenly inundated with a lot of work – as well as fun, which is preventing me from getting to the studio as much as I would like. So, regretfully…I’m taking a hiatus for a bit from the Weekly Challenge.

I have my annual artist retreat coming up soon (Yay!), a gallery opening at the end of April (I’ll be sure to tell you all about it), a 3-day show 2-studio show – Gardens of ARTful Delights – coming up in June (And I’ll tell you about that, as well), and my family coming from New Zealand for the month of July (Hoorah!!!). So I will be intermittently posting work here. At some point, it will again become a weekly challenge, but for now it’s just a challenge. Thanks for popping in!


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Week 8 of the Art Challenge

Monday, March 28 – Week 8 of the Art Challenge

For the eight week of the challenge, I dug up an old picture of a fucshia in honor of spring and upcoming Mother’s Day. I used another Citrasolv™ altered image combined with other photographs and digitally altered everything. Happy Spring!

A wee snippet of Fucshia Spring
Please click on the image to see the full image. Enjoy!fuchia snippet.png

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Week 7 of the Art Challenge

Monday, March 21  –  Week 7 of the Art Challenge

For the seventh week of the challenge, I ventured into some different territory than you generally see me in. I created Earth Below, Fire Within with one of my many results from using Citrasolv™ on old National Geographic magazines, digitally layering and altering that image with other photographs. This is just a small portion of the full image.

Just go to the Weekly Challenge page to see the piece fully and read a bit about my process for it

A tiny snippet of Earth Below, Fire Within.  See the full image on the Weekly Challenge page

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 8.55.08 AM



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Weekly Art Challenge

Monday, March 7 – Week 5 of the Art Challenge

For the 5th week of the challenge – I’ve created You name it! ...please help me name this piece. If I choose your title suggestion, I’ll send you a small print of the piece! Suggest your title here!

A branch of wild rose blossoms – I took the initial photograph for this piece at the Owen’s Rose Garden in Eugene, Oregon, last summer. Mixed media photographic art – Primary photo was layered with other photos, etched copper plate, and textured paper, then digitally painted and altered.

You Name It! This is just a small partial snip of the full image. See it on the Weekly Challenge page

Royal Velvet 
Dusty won the naming contest! Royal Velvet it is! Thank you Dusty!
I’ll get your print to you this week! Yay!!!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 9.12.04 AM
Partial snip of You Name It!
See it on the Weekly Challenge page


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Time time time

Time got away from me and I didn’t finish this week’s piece yet, so I’ll be posting it next week. So… This means that the diptych will be available through this Sunday!

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Weekly Art Challenge

Monday, February 22 –  Week 3 of the Art Challenge

For the second week of the challenge, I created a diptych – 2 complimentary pieces. I’ve been looking at the original photographs that this piece began with for a couple of years and under the “pressure” of the Weekly Challenge (I LOVE this kind of pressure) I finished them. This also begins my Limited Edition series — RED.  You can see the work in all its glory (well…bigger, anyway)  and read a little about the process and even purchase them on my Weekly Challenge page.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 7.43.54 AM.png

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This Week’s Challenge!

Every Monday I will be posting each week’s piece on the Weekly Challenge page. I will also be putting many of these pieces up for sale at the time that I post — at an introductory price with free shipping! The price will be good for the week of the post.

Monday, February 15  –  Week 2 of the Art Challenge

For the second week of the challenge, I created The Gift. See it in it’s entirety and read a little about my process on the Weekly Challenge page where you can see it in it’s entirety and read a little about my process.

Here’s a little preview of The Gift

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My New Weekly Challenge!

This past autumn was a busy time. We held our annual Open Studio Show & Sale and had a whopping good time! So many friends and art lovers came and enjoyed the art in a relaxed atmosphere with tasty appetizers and wine. Then a little over a month later, I showed my work with the resident artists of the 2nd & Blair Artist Studios for the 18th Annual Open House and Holiday Sale. Then, of course, there were the holidays. Now I’m getting back to focusing on creating.

2nd & Blair Studio Sale

2nd & Blair Studio Sale

Since graduating this summer with my degree in art, I’ve been bit distracted and haven’t focused on art as much as I thought I would, given the extra time that I had. I think it was a decompression reaction to 5 years of school ending. Getting myself geared up to create and trying to resurrect the discipline of being in school, my sweet and supportive partner, Steve, challenged me to complete one piece of art a week for the next year. (Actually, he originally challenged me with one piece a day, which could really teach me some discipline, but I’d rather commit to a quality, complex, and heartfelt piece by creating one a week.) I’m excited about it, as I’m already feeling inspired to stretch my artistic boundaries and see what I find myself creating.

Every Monday I will be posting the piece on the Weekly Challenge page. I will also be putting many of these pieces up for sale at the time that I post — at an introductory price with free shipping! The price will be good for the week of the post.

If you want a smaller or larger print than the one offered or would like it printed on a metallic gallery wrap canvas, or other format please send me an email from the Contact page.

Monday, February 8 – Week 1 of the Art Challenge

For the first week of the challenge, I created Midnight at the OasisThis print is now for sale on the new Weekly Challenge page where you can see it in it’s entirety and read a little about my process.

Midnight at the Oasis By Roka Walsh Dunes at Agate Beach, Oregon

Midnight at the Oasis
By Roka Walsh
Dunes at Agate Beach, Oregon

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Seasons Greetings to everyone!

It’s the time of year where studio shows are happening in every neighborhood. I held my festive annual studio show in late October with Anna Mueller~Sculpting the Feminine and Indra Stern~Mixed Media Assemblage. We don’t consider it a holiday show, as we are actually celebrating autumn and art, but it certainly gets us in the mood for celebrating the upcoming holidays.

This season, I will once again be part of the 2nd & Blair Artists Studio Sale & Open House. This year I’ll be sharing my space with my long-time friend, Sasha Crow~Sasha Crow Designs. Sasha creates unique and imaginative artisan jewelry. The show takes place in the 2nd & Blair Studios in Eugene, Oregon—in the vibrant Whitaker neighborhood. I always look forward to this annual event. Prior to participating, it was one of my traditions to go a group of friends. This is year 18 and I’ve been participating as a guest artist for most of the last 5 years. I’m honored to be exhibiting among these resident artists, as there have honed their skills and talents for many years. Most are recognized regionally and some, nationally.

If you’re local to Eugene, Oregon you probably already know about this show and have plans to go. If you haven’t been there — give a whirl!

2nd and Blair in Eugene ~ just north of Ninkasi Tasting Room.

Friday ~ December 11, 4pm ~ 9pm

Saturday ~ December 12, 11am ~ 7pm

Sunday ~ December 13, 12pm ~ 7 pm

See you there!!!!

JustPickedWEB 11225183_801863123245530_1020451616131994974_n DancingInTheMoonlight.WEB 11060272_804363566328819_379217529617205291_n

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I’m Back!!!

Yes, I’m back. I really missed being in my blog world, but I took a break because I just couldn’t keep my blog going during the last couple of years of school. I graduated in June and am still working on figuring things out. The one sure thing is that my need to create is as strong as ever…if not stronger. I also have a need to “put it out there” for various reasons. It’s always helpful to get feedback, I love it when my work connects me to other artists and people who love art, and I also need to sell my work (for the usual survival reasons).

I’ve been focusing on botanicals for the last 6 years and I will continue to have them as a primary focus, but I’m constantly drawn to other subjects and other media. I hope you’ll hang out with me while I explore those new directions. Over my next few posts I’ll be catching you up on some of the art I’ve been making.

I’m curious – What’s your favorite flower? Or your 3 favorite flowers?

The first ones that come to my mind are poppy, iris, and bird of paradise. How about you? You can tell me here or visit my Facebook page and tell me there. I would love to know!

Field of Dreams

I’ve named this image is Field of Autumn Dreams. The original photo was quite colorful, but I decided that I wanted to give it an autumn feel. I hope this new season is finding you well.

We recently held our 3rd Annual Open Studio Show & Sale. What a wonderful time! Anna Mueller (Sculpting the Feminine) and Indra Stern (Mixed media assemblage) and I turned my home into a gallery for 4 days. It was hard to see the art come down. I hope you can make it to next year’s show!

Studio sneak peekAt our Open Studio sneak peak preview at Out on a Limb in Eugene.

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